Walks Archive 2019

Alston Moor Walkers are Welcome usually organizes a minimum of one Guided Walk per month.  Below is a list of those undertaken in 2019.

From Tyne to Tees (walked Sunday 13 January)                                                                    An easy walk of approximately 8 miles on a good road track to Moor House and back.

Eals – Lambley (walked Tuesday 19 February)                                                                      A moderate circular walk of approx. 6 miles on good tracks 

Cash Force (walked Sunday 17 March)                                                                                    A strenuous circular walk of approx. 11 miles on a mixture of open moorland and good paths

Killhope Law (walked Sunday 14 April)                                                                                    A very strenuous circular walk of approx. miles mainly on open moorland

High Cup (walked Sunday 19 May)                                                                                           A 7.5 mile strenuous walk with one extremely challenging section

Maiden Way – Meg’s Cairn (walked Sunday 16 June)                                                        A strenuous walk of approximately 10 miles on good moorland paths  

Gilderdale (walked Tuesday 23 July)                                                                                        A strenuous circular walk of approximately 11.5 miles mainly on moorland paths

Hard Rigg – Mount Hooley (walked Thursday 29 August)                                             A moderate to strenuous walk of approx. 10 miles mainly on moorland

High Cup Return (walked Saturday 21 September)                                                              A moderate to strenuous 7.5 mile circular walk on good paths

Alston to Epiacum (walked Monday 14 October)                                                                A moderate walk of six miles

Viaducts, Camps & Castles (walked Saturday 16 November)                                         An easy to moderate walk of eight miles on good paths

There was no walk in December