Grey Nag Route Details

A strenuous walk of approx 13 miles across wild open moorland, in places extremely boggy, visiting several summits in excess of 600m

Start from the lay-by at Gilderdale Bridge (Grid Ref: NY 702 484)

Route: Walk up the road to the Epiacum car park and from there to Epiacum itself.  Walk through the site and on to the Pennine Way.  Turn left and walk up the Pennine Way.  After about 100m  take the track on the right and follow this up to a gate.  At this point you enter Open Access land.  Go through the gate and keep following the track as it works its way gradually uphill and eventually to a second gate.  Go through this and keep heading in roughly the same direction.  The path is now virtually non-existent but if you keep heading uphill and aiming for the highest point eventually the cairn on the summit of Grey Nag will come in to sight.  To visit the cairn you will have to climb at least one wall however the route continues on this side of the wall so it would then be necessary to climb back!  With your back to the cairn head away from the cairn following the wall on your right.  After a short distance you come to a corner, turn right and continue following the wall which will be your guide for the next few miles.  The terrain now becomes exceptionally boggy however keep going in the same direction until you reach Tom Smith’s Stone.  Continue following the fence which is now slightly to the left and heading in a roughly Southerly direction.  Follow this fence all way to Black Fell and its trig point.  The section from Grey Nag to Black Fell can be exceptionally boggy and you may have to pick your way through the bogs.  Sometimes it is preferable to move from one side of the wall/fence to the other however you should never deviate too far from the wall/fence.  From Black Fell follow the wall down the ridge to Hartside Heights then turn left and follow the wall down this ridge over Benty Fell, Scarberry Hill and Horse Edge.  From here continue in the same direction until you reach the walled track.  Go down this to meet the Pennine Way, turn left along the Pennine Way and follow this down to the footbridge over Gilderdale Burn.  After crossing this turn right and follow the burn back to the lay-by.

Grey Nag Route Map

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