Park Fell Route Details

A walk of approx 7 miles visiting one of the “high” spots overlooking Alston walking on a mixture of good footpaths and open moorland.

Start from the Spar supermarket (Grid ref: NY 716 463)

Route: Head out along the main road in the Penrith direction, cross the bridge then take the first turn on the right at the War Memorial up Raise Bank.  After approx 400 meters go straight across at the cross-roads and up The Wardway.  Follow this track as it bears round to the left and climbs gradually.  After approx 2 kms go through the gate on the right ( Grid ref: NY 703 449).  This is approx 100 meters before the highest point on The Wardway where there is a seat and a walled track off through a gate on the right.  If you reach here you have gone too far and so retrace your steps to the previous gate.  Once through this gate you are on Open Access land.  Follow the path up hill making for the top left-hand corner of the adjacent field.  Enter this field via the gate and cross the corner to a second gate.  Go through this gate and keep going in roughly the same direction.  The path now is rather indistinct but keep heading upwards aiming for the trig point once it comes in to view.  From here there are good views over Alston but this is not the highest point.  This is a hundred meters or so further away!  From the trig point walk roughly parallel to the wall on your right to reach the highest point then head off in a direction roughly 45 degrees to the wall.  When the bottom corner of the field comes in to view head for the gate there.  Go through the gate and turn right to enter the boggiest section of the walk.  Shortly ahead of you is a low fence which it is necessary to straddle.  Once over keep heading in the same direction keeping reasonably close to the wall on your right.  After roughly a kilometer cut down to the lower path and go through a gate then along the walled track.  This ends where it meets the Pennine Way.  At this point turn right on to the Pennine Way and follow this back to Alston past Harbut Law and Harbut Lodge to reach the War Memorial seen on the outward journey.


Park Fell


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