Whitfield Lough Route Details

This circular walk of approx 10 miles mainly on open moorland to Whitfield Lough and Pike Rigg is based on the Countryfile walk: Whitfield Lough, Northumberland

Start from Lintley car park (NY687511) or, if there is room, the space near Thompson’s Well Bridge (NY681519)

Route:  From Lintley car park follow the Pennine Way, first crossing the stream and going under the railway bridge, all the way to Thompson’s Well Bridge.  Turn right, cross the bridge and follow the road.  When the road goes right go staight ahead to Williamston Farm and there follow the public footpath signposted to Parson’s Shield.  At the fork after the second gate take the right-hand path.  This climbs steeply and eventually reaches a ruined shepherd’s hut.  Go through the opening in the wall next to the hut then head for the opening in the wall on the right.  From here a path climbs up the hillside to a tree.  At this point keep going in roughly the same direction.  Aim for the stile in the wall ahead when this becomes visible. Cross the stile, turn left and follow the wall along to the corner.  Turn right and now follow this fence/wall all the way to Whitfield Lough.  This is Open Access land and the paths are virtually non-existent so choose whichever side of the wall/fence most convenient.  After High Bradshaw Hill the path goes in to a hollow.  Cross this with care then aim for the ruined building on the left.  Climbing up from this Whitfield Lough comes in to view.  Continue along the side of the Lough to the fence ahead then turn right and follow the fence to the corner. Cross the fence and head for the summit of Pike Rigg with its currick, trig point and gamekeeper’s hut.  Take the path alongsde the wall heading for Whitfield Law.  Shortly before the summit cross the fence to the right-hand side.  Follow the wall down to Horseman Ford at the top of Barhaugh Burn.  Cross the burn and climb up the other side then keeping reasonably close to the burn follow this round until a gate becomes visible in the wall ahead.  Once through this follow the track all the way back to the tarmacked road.  Here turn right and follow the road back to Thompson’s Well Bridge and thence Lintley car park.

Whitfield Lough map

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