Two Mines, Two Hushes, Two Hills Route Details

A walk of approx 7 miles across Alston Moor visiting several sites from its industrial past on a mixture of public footpaths and indistinct moorland tracks.

Start from the parking area opposite Bentyfield Mine (Grid Ref: NY 750 424)

Route: There are three public footpaths heading across the moor from the starting point.  Take the middle one heading up through the mine and follow this until it leaves the stream going through a gate.  Scramble up to a stile in the wall go over this and enter Open Access land.  The public footpath continues straight ahead but ignore this and turn left to follow a faint track which steadily climbs up the side of the hill keeping close to the wall on your left.  After approx one mile you will arrive at a small hillock.  This is the highest point on Middle Fell. Ahead of you lies a wall and beyond this the trig point and a lime kiln.  If you wish to visit these you must first climb the wall.  Extreme care should be taken doing this as there is barbed wire above the wall however it is possible at the left-hand corner ahead of you.  Alternatively the barbed wire runs for only half the length of the wall so head for where the posts end and climb the wall there.  Whether you visit the trig point or not head for the northernmost corner of the field (Grid Ref: NY 752 440).  Climb back over the wall if you have come from the trig point then follow the wall back in a South-Easterly direction on its southern side for roughly a mile ignoring the first way-marked stile which is reached after approximately 450m.  At the end of the mile you will meet a stile in the wall which is where you rejoin the public footpath you were on through the mine.  The latter part of this mile can be rather boggy at times so you may prefer to cross the wall/fence and follow the wall on the other side.  From the stile follow the path North-East and where it forks take the left-hand path and follow this until you come to Greengill Hush, the unmistakable valley on your left.  After admiring this for fifty yards or so cross to the wire fence on your right, climb this and aim for the stile in the wall ahead of you.  This can be located by the post sticking up from the wall.  Follow the path through what was once woodland then through four fields and down the track/road in to Nenthead.  The public conveniences are on your right with the Miner’s Arms and village shop ahead of you.  Return the way you have come but where the road bends round to the right take the track on the left and follow this as it climbs alongside the stream in to Dowgang Hush.  Follow the path as far as you can then scramble up the bank ahead of you and keep going until you reach the old mine track.  This leads to old mine workings.  From here there is no path but scramble up the side of the hill and follow the line of the fence/wall on your right.  Eventually you will see a hillock ahead of you and slightly to your left.  This is the summit of Flinty Fell and there you should find a small cairn.  Head for the stile near the corner of the wood and take the path going through the wood which can be extremely muddy.  When you reach the road turn left and follow this for a little over half a mile where you will see a footpath going off to the right.  This will take you back to your starting point.


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