Whitfield Lough from Eals Bridge Route Details

A circular walk of approx 8 miles visiting the highest lake in Northumberland with an option to visit Pikerigg Currick, the highest point on Whitfield Moor.  Starting at Eals Bridge the route takes the Shooters Track on to the moor then follows a direct line to the Lough with a return down the ridge via Great Black Pike and Peas Crag.

Start:  Parking space at the Eastern end of Eals Bridge (Grid ref: NY 681 553)

Route:  From Eals Bridge follow the road North in the direction of Eals.  After 500m the road bears right.  After a further 200m take the track on the right.  This is the Shooters Track which is followed for the next 2.5 kms.   Roughly 400m before the end of the track there is a Shooting Lodge on the right.  On reaching the end of the track go through the gate and follow the vague path continuing in the same direction and going parallel to the wall on the right.  Ahead of you is a fence.  Head for the corner where the fence meets the wall on your right and cross the fence.   Directly ahead of you lies a ridge and behind this lies Whitfield Lough.  The highest point of the ridge is Lough Hill.  Head slightly to the left of this.  There is no path but as you climb up the Lough will eventually come in to view.  On your left you will see a fence and on the far side of of the Lough a continuation of the fence.  If you are visiting Pikerigg Currick go round the Lough and up to the corner where two fences meet.  Cross the fence and head for the Currick.  After visiting the trig point at the summit return round the other side of the Lough and head for Lough Currick.  If you are not visiting Pikerigg Currick, when you first see the Lough head for where the fence on your left meets the Lough then follow the fence back to Lough Currick.  From here bear left along Millstone Band.  Soon you will see a wall ahead of you, which you have to cross, and beyond this a second wall heading down the ridge to Great Black Pike.  This is your guide for the next 2 kms.  Keeping this wall on your right follow the faint track and head in the direction of Great Black Pike.  After about 1 km you have to cross a fence.  Should you wish to visit the summit of Great Black Pike go through the gate on your right.  If you do, return to the gate and continue down the path going parallel to the wall.  As the path draws level with Peas Crag it veers to the left away from the wall.  In the distance you should be able to see a fence.  Follow the path as it heads for a gate in this fence.  Once through the gateway the path goes down past some grouse butts.  Where the path forks take the left hand fork and follow this down to the bottom of the field where the path goes through a gateway in the wall on your left.  Once through this do not follow the path as it veers to the left but go straight ahead parallel to the wall on your right.  This will eventually bring you to a gate through which you will see the Shooters track up which you came and down which you can retrace your outward route back to Eals Bridge.

Whitfield Lough from Eals Bridge Route

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