Hartside to Alston Route Details

A walk of approx 6 miles over Open Access land then the Wardway in to Alston

Route to start:  Take the A686 Penrith road out of Alston and park at Hartside Summit on the opposite side of the road to the cafe where there is ample parking.

Route:  Just above the parking area there is a gate in the fence giving access to the Open Access land.  Go through this and follow the fence northwards to Hartside Heights.  Go over the stile and follow the wall heading eastward.  The main ridge continues northwards to Black Fell and beyond.  Keeping the wall on your right follow the ridge downwards first to Benty Hill and then to Scarberry Hill and finally down Horse Edge. Before reaching the bottom cross the wall and head for the walled path leading to the Wardway.  There is no path here but aim for the gate giving access to the path (NY693451).  Follow this path down to the Wardway then turn left and follow the Wardway to the main A689 road and thence back in to Alston.


Hartside to Alston