North Pennine Hills

In 1891 Sir Hugh Munro published his list of Scottish mountains over 3000′ and the era of mountain lists and peak bagging began.  The North Pennines is 70′ short of a Munro but can claim its fair share of Marilyns, Hewitts, Nuttalls, etc.  The list of North Pennine summits shows that many of the hills in the area are Nuttalls.  In fact the two maps below show that South Tynedale is effectively surrounded by a horseshoe of Nuttalls, a total of 19 in all:

  1. Cold Fell (walks 24,67, 75, 82)
  2. Grey Nag (walks 31,69, 73, 83)
  3. Tom Smith’s Stone Top
  4. Thack Moor
  5. Black Fell (walks 68, 73, 83)
  6. Fiend’s Fell (walk 85)
  7. Melmerby Fell (walk 85)
  8. Cross Fell – Little Dun Fell – Great Dun Fell
  9. Bullman Hills (walk 81)
  10. Long Man Hill (walk 81)
  11. Round Hill (walks 72, 74, 81)
  12. Bellbeaver Rigg (walks 71, 74, 84)
  13. Viewing Hill (walk 84)
  14. Harwood Common
  15. Burnhope Seat
  16. Dead Stones
  17. Flinty Fell (walks 5764, 80)
  18. Killhope Law (walk 66)
  19. The Dodd (walks 16, 28, 77, 87)

The latter three are not Nuttalls but help make a better horseshoe.  Also worthy of mention is Alston Moor (X).  Details of all the Nuttalls are to be found in the book by John and Anne Nuttall and on their website.  Links to downloadable routes mainly from North Pennines – Index of Walks are indicated.  Many more may be purchased from go4awalk.  It is also possible to walk the whole of the North Pennine Ridge from Dufton to Clesketts in two stages:

  1. Dufton to Hartside
  2. Hartside to Clesketts


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