Walking Literature

Details of walks in the area are to be found in books, in leaflets, in magazines and on-line, some of which are available to download and others which have to be purchased.  Three books worthy of mention are:

  1. ALSTON & ALLENDALE by Paul Hannon  –  One of the Hillside Guides, featuring 22 walks in general area.  See Walks 1-17 below for those in the Alston Moor area.
  2. IN AND AROUND SOUTH TYNEDALE AND HADRIAN’S WALL by Ian Smith  –  One in a series of walkers’ guides published by Sandhill Press.  This extremely informative guidebook describes the full length of South Tynedale broken down in to short walks. See Walks 18-23 below.
  3. WALKING IN THE NORTH PENNINES by Paddy Dillon by Paddy Dillon – Published by Cicerone Press and probably the best guide book for walking in the North Pennines, featuring 50 walks in the general area including nine on Alston Moor.  See Walks 24-32 below.

Of the innumerable leaflets that exist we draw attention to:

  1. An excellent series of walking leaflets produced by the South Tynedale Railway.  See Walks 33-36 below.
  2. A  series of locally-produced self-guided walks on Alston Moor offering an introduction to its river valleys, waterfalls, flora and fauna, industrial and farming heritage and its communities.  See Walks 37-39 below.
  3. By far the largest selection of information/walking leaflets is that produced by the North Pennines AONB.  See Walks 42-53 below.

Much of the above may be obtained from Information Centres or from the Hi-Pennine Outdoor Shop in Alston, the staff in which are also extremely knowledgeable about walks in the area.

Of the innumerable websites containing walks in the area we mention:

  1. where2walk.co.uk  – see Walks 56-62 below.
  2. go4awalk.com – see Walks 63-76 below.
  3. mypennines.co.uk – see Walks 77-87 below.

Walks List

  1. The Corpse Road from Garrigill
  2. South Tyne’s Banks from Garrigill
  3. Ashgill Force from Garrigill
  4. Around Nenthead and Nentsberry
  5. The Nent Valley from Alston to Nenthall
  6. The South Tyne from Alston to Bleagate
  7. The South Tyne from Alston to Leadgate via The Wardway
  8. The South Tyne from Alston to Kirkhaugh via Whitley Castle (Epiacum)
  9. Slaggyford and Knarsdale
  10. The Maiden Way from Burnstones to Lambley
  11. Coanwood to Whitwham via Lambley Viaduct
  12. Featherstone Park
  13. Broomhouse Common from Featherstone
  14. The Mo Hope Valley from Ninebanks
  15. West Allen Dale from Carrshield
  16. The Dodd from Carrshield
  17. Cross Fell from Garrigill
  18. Cross Fell to TyneHead
  19. TyneHead to Garrigill via Ashgill
  20. Garrigill to Alston
  21. Alston to Kirkhaugh
  22. Kirkhaugh to Slaggyford
  23. Slaggyford to Lambley
  24. Hallbankgate and Cold Fell
  25. Croglin, Newbiggin and Croglin Fell
  26. Maiden Way – Kirkland to Alston
  27. Knockergill Pass – Knock to Garrigill
  28. Ninebanks, Hard Rigg and the Dodd
  29. Alston, Garrigill and the River South Tyne
  30. Alston, Lambley and Haltwhistle
  31. Slaggyford and Grey Nag
  32. Nenthead and Nag’s Head
  33. Track & Trail: Alston – Kirkhaugh/Lintley – Alston
  34. Ride & Randalholme Ramble: Alston – Kirkhaugh – Alston
  35. Pennine Way & Whitley Castle: Alston – Kirkhaugh/Lintley – Alston
  36. The Lintley Loop: Lintley/Kirkhaugh circular
  37. Alston’s Nent Valley: Gossipgate to Blagill
  38. Annat Walls and Nattrass Gill: The South Tyne Valley
  39. Of Poaching & Poss Sticks: Garrigill to Ashgill
  40. Garrigill Round (nationaltrail.co.uk version)
  41. Garrigill Round (mudand routes.com version)
  42. South Tyne Valley Wildflower Walk: Alston to Leadgate
  43. Garrigill Bird Walk
  44. Lambley Bird Walk
  45. Wellhope Moor Bird Walk
  46. Ouston Fell Bird Site
  47. Open Access Walks – Cold Fell (GPX file available)
  48. Open Access Walks – North Pennine Ridge (Northern Section) (GPX file available)
  49. Open Access Walks – North Pennine Ridge (Southern Section) (GPX file available)
  50. Tynehead Geology Trail
  51. Whitley Castle Walk
  52. Appletreeshield Chapel
  53. South Tyne Trail
  54. Isaac’s Tea Trail
  55. The Eden Heritage Trail leaflet (with details of a downloadable app)
  56. Mines and Lands of Nenthead
  57. From Nenthead to Garrigill
  58. Ashgill Force
  59. Alston to Slaggyford
  60. Garrigill to Bleagate
  61. Alston to Kirkhaugh
  62. Cross Fell from Garrigill
  63. Alston to Bleagate
  64. Flinty Fell from Nenthead
  65. Garrigill to Bleagate
  66. The Dodd and Killhope Law from Killhope Cross
  67. Cold Fell from Clesketts
  68. Black Fell from Hartside
  69. Grey Nag from Gilderdale Bridge
  70. Alston from Garrigill
  71. Ashgill and Bellbeaver Rigg from Garrigill
  72. Ashgill and Round Hill from Garrigill
  73. Grey Nag and Black Fell from Gilderdale Bridge
  74. Round Hill and Bellbeaver Rigg fromGarrigill
  75. Cold Fell from Clesketts
  76. Cross Fell and Great Dun Fell from Garrigill
  77. Brownley Hill and The Dodd from Coalcleugh
  78. Pike Rigg and Whitfield Lough
  79. Hard Rigg from Alston
  80. Flinty Fell and Alston Moor from Garrigill
  81. Round Hill and Longman Hill from Garrigill
  82. Cold Fell from Clesketts
  83. Grey Nag and Black Fell from Alston
  84. Bellbeaver Rigg and Viewing Hill from Yad Moss
  85. Melmerby Fell and Fiend’s Fell from Hartside
  86. Ashgill Force from Garrigill
  87. The Dodd from Carrshield

The same walk may occur more than once in the above list.  This is usually because there are variations in the route or for more comprehensive route information or because of the different formats.

We would welcome any suggestions for addition to this list.

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